Residential packages


Each resident in our complex is unique, having their own desires and needs. We aim to provide each senior with an enjoyable lifestyle in safety and comfort. We have created a series of general service packages as a basis for a personalized discussion. 

In our mission to provide seniors with dignified, enjoyable and active senior living, we are guided by a set of values that are reflected in everything we do:

Safety and respect: the center is designed according to the "no step" concept, i.e. no steps in the senior's circuit; 24/7 nursing care provided by our own geriatrician, alongside nurses and caretakers; electrically operated medical beds with anti-eschar mattresses; bathrooms in every room; non-slip floor; "nurse call" system at every bed and in the sanitary groups; assisted bathing; epidemiological and hygiene protection measures implemented according to hospital protocols.

Care and professionalism: main meals, snacks, desserts and bread prepared in the in-house kitchen; designated psychologist to maintain a high mental tone; psychotherapists for occupational activities and art therapy adapted to the ability of each resident; board games and library in the living room situated on each floor, park and inner courtyard for outdoor walks.

Well-being and comfort: specialized medical consultations* and blood tests* in the on-site medical clinic; physiotherapy and aqua-therapy sessions adapted to the degree of dependency; aerosol treatments in the saline; daily monitoring of important vital parameters: pulse, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, blood sugar**, diuresis and stool measurement, electrocardiogram**.

*to find out the types of medical specialties and blood tests included and their frequency, please contact us

** upon the recommendation of the specialist

We invite you to contact us for a personalized offer. 

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All the information presented on the website is for information purposes only, the decisions of acceptance in the elderly care centre are made after evaluation of each application by the evaluation committee. The services presented are for information only, and may vary from the services contracted by each resident.

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