Assisted Living


There are undesirable situations in our lives, that we need to deal with as good we can. When old, there are situations when some health problems or their effect (stroke, heart attack) can be serious, unpredictable and can lead to the need for permanent outpatient care or long-term recovery.


At Vitalitas we are ready to offer to dependent seniors the conditions for a dignified and peaceful life. We offer a support system for basic activities - personal hygiene in assisted bathing rooms, feeding, mobility, specialized and personalized medical care and, within the limits of the degree of dependency, medical recovery and psycho-cognitive and social activities.


Our residents can choose accommodation in double rooms, single rooms or apartments. 

Services included in the assisted living program

Ongoing medical care with specialized staff

  • SARS CoV-2 infection screening on admission
  • assessment of the resident by the multidisciplinary committee, when being accepted to the centre 
  • assessment of the biological parameters (set of medical tests), when being accepted to the center and annually
  • daily health assessment by the geriatrician
  • annual consultation for each medical specialty in Vitalitas Clinic
  • annual dental assessment and hygiene package
  • daily monitoring of vital parameters and administration of medication including infusion treatments up to 200 lei/month
  • extensive medical care services, tailored to each case (urinary incontinence care, simple and ulcerated bedsores)
  • therapeutic maneuvers to prevent pulmonary complications
  • management of acute and chronic episodes of illness by prescribing, applying and monitoring appropriate treatment
  • dedicated family doctor
  • assistance with bathing, dressing, grooming, eating
  • speech therapy, two sessions per week
  • eliminate the epidemiological risk by daily cleaning and sanitation of living and common areas
  • assistance in moving around the center and in the park

Rehabilitation assistance with specialized in-house staff

  • functional assessment made by a medical rehabilitation doctor
  • prophylactic rehabilitation activities - weekly group sessions of physiotherapy and aqua-therapy

Psychological assistance

  • psychological assessment at the time of admission to the center 
  • group counseling and support through the daily presence of the psychologist, for the management of anxiety, prevention of relapses, maintenance of psycho-affective balance

Spiritual assistance

  • regular religious service
  • continuity of spiritual practice through unrestricted access to the chapel situated inside the centre

Additional services

  • assistance in preparing the disability papers
  • laundry and clothes labeling
  • personal care (haircut, manicure, pedicure), once/month
  • communication with the family members of the resident through a dedicated concierge 
  • in-house restaurant and kitchen, offering menus appropriate to the state of health of the resident, as well as à la carte
  • events celebrating anniversaries and religious holidays
  • social activities and occupational therapy

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All the information presented on the website is for information purposes only, the decisions of acceptance in the elderly care centre are made after evaluation of each application by the evaluation committee. The services presented are for information only, and may vary from the services contracted by each resident.

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